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After graduating from NYU, Steven Rosofsky worked on industrials, commercials and arts-based documentaries in New York, including pieces for Live from the Met and Yale University.  Later, based in Chicago, he travelled extensively shooting and editing educational films for Encyclopaedia Britannica, and commercials, industrials and documentaries for Chuck Olin Associates – most notably “In Our Own Hands,” “Is Jerusalem Burning” and Out of the Silence.”  He spent several years in Los Angeles as a producer with Playboy TV and went on to edit, supervise and design effects for a number of low budget feature films. More recently, he was supervising editor on a national series for HBO/Cinemax as well as a number of pay per view specials.  Currently back in Chicago he has returned to commercials, industrials and arts-based documentaries.



Smart Museum of Art

Producer, Camera, Editor -- responsible for creating on-site and web pieces for a variety of exhibits.


Chicago Humanities Festival

Producer, Director,  Editor -- multicamera events and promotional pieces.



Museum of Contemporary Art  Chicago

Senior Video  Producer -- responsible for creating promotions, informational programs and short documentaries for on-site, broadcast and web use.



Independent Production (In-Progress)

Producer, Director, Cameraman, Editor—"Seymour Rosofsky: A Full-Length Portrait."  Documentary project about the Chicago artist, my father.



HBO/Cinemax 2007

Senior/Supervising Editor—Sin City Diaries. 13 episode cable series.



Mantra Entertainment Inc. 2004

Supervising Editor—responsible for overseeing 3 editors on a multi-camera, multi-format cable production counter-programming the Superbowl Halftime show.



Playboy  Entertainment Inc. (Highlights), 1996-2003

Senior Producer, On-Air Promotions—responsible for writing, shooting, directing, editing, music selection and directing voice talent for a full slate of movies, series, specials and stunts.  Also designed, built and maintained the on-air promotions database.



Special Projects -- created show opens for some of the channel's most popular series, was supervising editor, and frequently cameraman, on the company's high-prestige home video releases.



Public Television (Highlights), 1982-Present


In Our Own Hands, feature documentary on the Jewish Brigade, produced by Chuck Olin Associates.—director of photography

Out of the Silence: The Struggle for Human Rights, feature documentary, produced by Chuck Olin Associates —camera, sound.  This film took us to Czechoslovakia during the velvet revolution.

Baseball, produced by Ken Burns, Florentine Films—camera

Les Brown, Emmy Award-winning PBS series, produced by Thea Flaum Productions,—editor

Econoic Life, three-episode PBS series—producer, director, editor

Mary Kay Slowikowski, PBS series, produced by Thea Flaum Productions,—director of photography, editor

Live From The Met, broadcast intermission programs and specials, produced by Equinox Films, --editor, sound editor.



Disney Feature Animation, 1996

Dinosaur—director of photography, test footage



Feature Films 1995 - Present

Editor- on a variety of low budget and direct to video releases, some pretty good, some quite dreadful.



Broadcast Spot News (Highlights), 1985-Present

ABC Nightline, WLS Sports Final, WMAQ Sports, WPWR Chicago Slices, AMA Journal—camera



Music Videos (Highlights), 1993-Present

Michael Jackson Dangerous Promo, Optimum Productions—editor

Walk West Live, Atlantic Records—editor



Other Documentary (Highlights), 1983-Present

Please note: much of my documentary and corporate work was produced by Chuck Olin Associates where I was a semi-permanent freelancer.


 Is Jerusalem Burning?, --director of photography/war sequence editor

Herbert Hoover: An American Adventure, 23-minute documentary for Hoover Presidential Library—camera

Van Gogh, 60-minute documentary for Yale University —editor



Corporate (Highlights), 1985-Present

Spiegel, Sears, GATX, Hewlett-Packard, McDonald’s, Inland Steel, Florida Power & Light, Carter Hawley Hale Stores—director of photography



Public Sector/Not-for-Profit (Highlights), 1985-Present


Talking Troubles, 25-minute documentary on troubled teens produced by the State of Illinois—producer, director, director of photography, editor


Northwestern Memorial Hospital, City of Hope—director of photography


Lincoln Park Zoo—producer, director, director of photography, editor.  Among other projects, worked extensively with the zoo's elephants and produced a training video on raising maned wolves.


International Theatre Festival of Chicago—producer, director, director of photography, editor




Educational Films (Highlights), 1984-1993

Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation—director of photography, editor.  Topics ranged from nuclear physics to human reproduction to the war in Vietnam.  The Britannica work included extensive travel within the U.S. To photograph industrial, agricultural and social highlights of the nation's regions. Scott Foresman & Co.—director of photography, editor



Other Noteworthy

Flip-Flops, independent short subject—producer, director, director of photography, editor

Butner Trap, 25-minute independent short subject—producer, director, editor

The Baseball Show, cable series—producer, director, director of photography, editor




Extensive experience with most Sony and Panasonic cameras, Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Resolve, Speedgrade, Audition.  PC and Mac platforms, MS Office Suite.  Much more.

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